Accommodation Travel Tips



Make hotel research in the field of a network which is looking for not only the cheapest indicators, but also and consideration of conveniences and services if, location, possible references from other people. Guidebooks can be also very useful to choose hotel which suits you best of all. Be as much as possible flexible with the schedule of a trip. For example, hotels of a business class often have lower indicators of the days off.

As soon as you reserved a room online, the document all information on hotel . The easiest way consists in that will unpack the whole page from your monitor, thus, at you the clear statement that you can use as proofs in case of a kladeniye not on a place or incorrectly entrance in your information of the porter. Make a copy with you, make another for the relatives, thus, they will know, when and where you are going to remain so, they can contact you in extreme cases.


Study appropriate registration and control times. Confirm conveniences, and serves hotel, provides. Ask instructions, the local card. Receive the card with the hotel name, the address and phone number, thus, you can show it to the taxi driver or the passerby on the street if you lost the way.

Some hotels can render additional services which you can't know about if you don't ask it:

- service of a laundry,
- hair dryers,
- converters tension / adapters,
- newspaper service,
- additional food,
- access to a fax, copier, printer, computer, Connection to the Internet,
- cable television, rent films, video games,
- an additional transfer in the airport,
- a rent, safe for your money, jewelry, documents,
- telephone payment for access,
- charges for use of a minibar,
- excursions, excursions.


Safety should be a priority for all, and you should take some precautions. We devoted the whole separate page to go safety including measures for hotel safety, thus, we will pass this part here. When you leave during the day, leave the key for resistant the manager. Confirm a closing-time. Some hotels are really locked at night, and you as expect, will hold a key if you are late absent.


Check the room for the left points. If you need an extra time to remain for regular time of control (usually, it settles down from 11:00 to 2 p.m), apply in advance, or hotel additional night can accuse you.

Consider the account for hotel, making sure that all charges are exact.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!