A Tourist Guide To Sevilla


Arrival in Seville resembles supervision Spain on parade.

Tapp. Flamenco. Bullfight. Art poetry. Pottery. Architecture. Style. History. Cervicitas! * It is all here – in shine.

Seville, in the southern Spanish region under the name Andalusia, that many people describe as “the Spanish from all Spanish cities”. It was Carmen's homeland and Don Zhuan and boats the great areas, the created gardens and the flowerbox-filled balconies. Going through Seville ’s it is impossible narrow, you can look for cobble-stone streets at any time and yawn in pink-turreted churches, ubiquitous, magnificent tiles and mass of other visual pleasures which are inheritance and Mauritian and Colonial architecture.

The city which is closed between hours 14:00 and 17:00, it does the fine vacation spot. Why? As in Seville, it is impossible to make something within 3 hours, daily except tendency in two of living arts, Spaniards improved: food and pleasure by life. If you remain long enough, it won't be long, while you don't grind vital art of pleasure to finer art of a capture of an after-dinner dream. (Ah, siesta! The pleasure which has been disgustingly ignored by the majority of the world).


'El-Tsentro', the historical city center, where beer and тапа forever flow and where you will feel compelled to live a half of your vital socialization on the street as all irreproachably dressed locals.


Seville - bar heavens тапы. Here a choice which should be checked:

Coloniales – known big, cheap tapy. Very popular spot, you could even meet someone!

La Alameda - a local word on a place to go for night life in this city. La Alameda - actually small area filled with a tree which is full of bars and people. Any night of week - good night here. La Madrasa on Calle P Mencheta is a choice of places in this area for http://www.copernicus-psd.com/saline-soil-information-and-management/.


You are in Spain, so repetition after me: 1) I am not afraid some oil or something (and all) fried in it. 2) I won't get hungry for a dinner till 14:00 or 15:00, for a dinner till 23:00. When you at last reach to eat, two improbable factors in your advantage. One, the food isn't expensive also two, the Spanish love food. Try local, features of Sevillano as mojama (the dried-up tuna known as ham of the sea) and salmorejo (a thick gazpacho). And, of course, classic, Spanish Flat maisovy flat cake.


* Real Alcбzar. This charming building was a fortress since a Muslim era and later passed to other owner to become the house of a Christian royalty within many centuries. Today gardens, gobelins and various architecture remain a part of Seville ’s the majority of attractive treasures.