A Culture-Fest In Barcelona


Barcelona - one of those cities which you can visit again and again. Its fantastic location, within reach of a part of the most beautiful coastline of Spain, together with its history, architecture and the huge cultural program - that does it to one of the most popular city destinations of Europe.

How Vy Max can. on culture when you visit Barcelona? Here only some offers:

1. Picasso's museum

Barcelona flooded with a museum, both public and private, and Picasso's Museum - due - see on a route of any tourist. Picasso was trained in Barcelona, and thus, the museum shows an all-round choice of work, he created, studying in the city. It is an important collection which shows his technical skills and its growth as the artist. Besides, there is a collection more than 40 ceramic parts which were offered to Jacqueline Picasso's museum in the 1980th. Placed in magnificent medieval palaces, and with concerts of classical music just as a collection of works of art, Picasso's Museum shouldn't be passed.

2. Architecture

Costing to you only tired feet at the end of day, you can consider history of Barcelona through its buildings. From its Roman Walls visit a Gothic quarter where the Cathedral, public and private buildings all take away you in time by the Medieval period of the city. See buildings of Modernisme which are also objects of the World heritage and modern buildings, such as constructed for Olympic Games of 1992, and you will go during thousand years of the history Barcelonian in only one day.

3. Festivals

As any largest city, Barcelona arranges many festivals every year. One of the most popular and the most known - Barcelona the Festival of Summer of Grec which covers a wide range of production and performers. Besides, festivals, such as the Festival of the Flamenco of Ciutat Vella and the Barcelonian Festival of the Guitar give to visitors true taste of the Spanish art and culture.

There is a lot of other cultural activity and events to force you to work tensely during your visit of this surprising city – and you want to come back for more