A Cuba Vacation


Zanimaniye time from daily efforts & tension of life to visit an exotic place is something that all look forward. Cuba, with its glory brought on its government & a clip down of the American government on its export & tourism, is the country known more for its cigar & its leader, than as festive location. Despite it, every year it is more & more tourists from Canada & Europe are flown down to Cuba delighted by her natural beauty & her lovers & hospitable people. Tourism in Cuba now in all the time it is high.

Cuba is biggest of the Caribbean islands & is occupied by people with the mixed race of the Caribbean Indian, African & German heritage. it is a contrasting landscape in limits from magnificent & hypnotizing beaches to extension & rocky mountain chains. Mountains of limestone appear on areas of the tobacco used for their well-known cigars, providing stunning scenic representation. The natural beauty of Cuba & its history created the country to that it today. These are seven Caribbean islands which were left innocent by technology & modern day, living.

Except stunning beaches, Cuba also offers many simple cities & the cities full of rich culture & heritage. Rest in Cuba isn't full, without visiting at least seven of the Cuban cities or the cities & meeting the local Cuban people.

As there is a lot of from the Caribbean islands, the main source of Cuba of tourism - the beach industry. The country is allocated with hundred miles of extension of sandy beaches with fine white sand & the transparent high sea. The tourists visiting Cuba, have a set of a choice for location of their holiday of a beach. The largest resorts of Varadero & Cayo Largo are the most known, & here you will find many 5 star resorts on system "all inclusive". Despite it, there are also many smaller, more silent sea resorts where you can really escape from all this.

Havana also has the kind share of museums, including the Revolution Museum, the Museum of Club of Havana of Rum, the Cigar Museum, Ernest Hemingway Museum & the National museum of Arts.

In the country northwest you will find the capital, Havana - the center of everything that is Cuban. When you will walk round the city, you will feel essence of the Cuban past - the rich inheritance occurring from German colonial architecture which beholds the city. Parts of the city remind a set of the old movie reminding of last era, with the old American cars fussing. A lot of work was made last decade to restore old Havana, a place of the world heritage of UNESCO, but the most part of the city left untouched & hundred falling construction crash every month.