5 Days In Amsterdam


Everything was silent. About hundred people settled in the others a room for the night ferry which is crossing from the Case to Holland. It was jet-black, and the unique sounds were weak hum of engines and the strange snorer.

On all places attacked so, I lay in free space on a floor with several assistants, trying to become convenient. About five minutes passed, and I could feel that I was going to go down.

You could hear that the pin went down. Then my assistant farted. It began as some kind of muffled snorting and developed in full at rough speed. The whole process, should be, took at least five seconds. I fought for an instant, trying to contain my laughter. Finally I should leave a room which is quickly accompanied by my two assistants.

After joining in Holland we were accompanied on waiting trainer for one hour of driving per Amsterdam. The landscape was full of all the most essential things which do Holland so unique.

Windmills were in detail disseminated everywhere on the ground. The remarkable white structures, which hands rotated infinitely on a wind. Not drama flat rural areas, appear, stretched forever. Actually, more than one third of Holland is below sea-level.

The trainer landed us in heart of Amsterdam, is deep among a network of channels which divide this old city into one million various parts. We found us sustained out of the central station, discussing our versions of the arrangement. We decided to wait in advance before our arrival before finding of hotel.

The same as we became worrying, the woman of average years came nearer to us. It went with conceit and carried a confident look.

“You are the guys who are looking for a room?” she asked in slangy English.

"yes", all of us answered at the same time. We felt that the solution of our difficult situation was inevitable.

“I have a hotel providing number with a breakfast near to here, only two stops on the underground. You would like a room?”

The hotel was rather reasonable. Dvadtsatiminutny walk and we returned in the city with all other tourists going in circles, trying to receive the relation.

Amsterdam - really irreal place. Uzakonivaniye of hashish, of course, lifted an eyebrow from other part of the world and it is regarded with a certain admiration. As we tried the local delicacy once substantially mixed in another as some kind of foggy dream. Before we knew it, we were back home consideration enough freakish vacation.